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What should I look for in a Water Conditioner

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What should I look for in a Water Conditioner

Firstly you need to determine the required volume of the water conditioner and the resin. You need to ensure that the resin will be enough for your daily water usage. The average water usage for a household is 87 gallons per day per person.

Another thing to look for in a water conditioner is the method in which you want to recharge the unit. There are several options. The most common of which is to recharge by a time clock.

This method relies upon a calculation of how much water you are going to use throughout a day, then the information will be programmed into the timer resulting in the timer knowing when it needs to recharge. It will be set to recharge at a certain day or certain time of day.

In theory this works, but any changes to your routine can result in wasted salt and water or running out of softened water.