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Water Softeners Information

What is a Water Softener

What sort of salt could I use for my water softener

What is a Simplex Water Softener

What is a Duplex Water Softener

What is Water Softening Resin

Water Softening Resin Selection

What is Ion Exchange

What are the advantages of having a Domestic Water Softener

What is Softened Water

What is Hard Water

What else will a Water Softener Remove

Do Water Softeners need to be Serviced

Disinfection treatment explained

Why is hard water a problem

What should be done if water is found to be hard

What should I look for in a Water Conditioner

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What is Softened Water?

Softened water is water that has a low calcium and magnesium content. Water hardness usually means less than 100 ppm or 6 grains, also water that has gone through a Water Softener. Pools and spas should never be filled with soft water from a softener.

Water with less than 100 ppm of hardness should be increased to a minimum of 150 to 200 ppm using calcium chloride