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Water Filter / Softener Controllers – ES2070SV




Water Filter / Softener Controller – ES2070SV

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Water Filter Controller es2070svThe unit type ES2070SV is universal applicable for automatic monitoring and control of softener or filtering plants (through solenoid valves) and suitable for single and double column installations in alternating or parallel circuits. Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options. The programmed configuration will be stored into non volatile memory and therefore not be affected by power


  • User operated programming using double row of illuminated LCD display.
  • Display text in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch or Lithuanian.
  • Simple control utilising easy to follow symbols.
  • Adaption to user specific requirements by means of options programmable on site.
  • Simple operation by means of a few clear operating symbols.
  • Can be used for various sizes of plant.
  • Capacity values programmable from 1 to 65535 m3
  • Regeneration/rinsing activation by time interval, flow, external switching, real time clock or manual control.
  • Time delayed regeneration/rinsing.
  • Control of quantity dependent flushing.
  • Extensive status report facility using information button. Flush control, regeneration/rinsing time, extra program, filter capacity, total quantity of treated water, current input and outputs status, software version, start time interval, time delayed regeneration/rinsing, service telephone number, input and output programming.
  • Large green LED-display showing remaining capacity or remaining interval time until next regeneration/rinse.
  • Input of service telephone number.
  • 6 inputs: water meter for each filter, regeneration/rinsing agent monitoring, regeneration/rinsing stop, level switch for storage tank, regeneration/rinsing start.
  • 9 powered relay outputs for solenoid valves
  • 6 relay outputs (dry contact): solenoid valves, extra programs, regeneration/rinsing procedure, take-off impulse, signalling and flushing.
  • Secure from power failure as all data is stored long-term without battery.
  • Real time clock with “lifetime” battery.
  • Efficient micro controller with watchdog, illegal operation code and cycle monitoring.
  • Safeguarded from EMC by galvanic separation between micro controller and in- and output circuits and also by additional interference suppression filter.
  • Available for wall-mounting.
  • Available (input /output) : 24/24VAC, 115/115VAC, 230/230VAC, 115/24VAC, 230/24VAC, 240/24VAC