Nitrate Reduction Resin – 25 Ltr

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        TypeCrosslinked polystyrene, divinylbenzene
        FormMicroporous, milky white, spherical beads
        Functional GroupQuarternary Ammonium
        Whole Bead Count95% min
        Ionic form, as shippedCl
        Bead Size(≥ 95%) 0.40 - 1.25 mm
        Uniformity Coefficient1.60 max
        Bulk Density, as shipped700 kg/m3
        Real Density1.07 g/cm3
        Water Retention50 - 60%
        Operating Capacity0.80 eq/l min.
        Stability, Temperature100°C (Cl-Form) max.
        Stability, pH0 - 14

        SKU: IWENR-8