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Reverse Osmosis Controllers – RGS8000



Reverse Osmosis Controller – RGS8000

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Reverse Osmosis Controller – RGS8000 (conductivity meter, auto Temperature Comp. 8 inputs and 7 outputs).
ModelPower in / out
RGS8x01-1000-0no Ethernet, RS232 and RS485
RGS8x11-1000-0with Ethernet, RS232 and RS485
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RGS 8000 Reverse Osmosis ControllerThe unit type RGS8000 is universal applicable for automatic monitoring and control of reverse osmosis plants. There are six possible stages : “Stand by”, “Production”, “Rinse after production”, “Rinse during production”, “Rinse during standby” and “Maintenance “. This unit can monitor conductivity, temperature and several inputs e.g. level switches, low pressure switch, motor security switch, etc.. Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options. The programmed configuration will be stored into non volatile memory and therefore not be affected by power loss.


  • Choice of languages (English, French, German and Dutch).
  • Graphic TFT display (800×480, touch panel) with easy to use menu
  • Adaptable to user specific requirements by built-in programmable options.
  • Universally applicable for various sizes of installation.
  • Desalinated water production controllable by hand or level switches.
  • Control of the maintenance situation by means of a code choice possible
  • Programming a service telephone number possible
  • Substantial status information: actual input and output conditions, service telephone number, alarm history, software version
  • Integrated conductivity meter with automatic range switching.
  • Conductivity range according to the instrument probe cell constants from 0,1 to 100.000 µS/cm
  • The instrument probe cell constants programmable from 0,01 to 10,00 cm-1
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation
  • Security of program information against supply failure.
  • 4x Outputs (powered) programmable for output function e.g. inlet valve, high pressure pump, concentrate valve, permeate valve.
  • 3x Outputs (potential free) programmable for output function e.g. inlet valve, high pressure pump, concentrate valve, booster pump / alarm (programmable for booster pump or alarm), alarm.
  • 8x inputs (digital contacts): stop, high level switch, low level switch, exceeded pressure switch, low pressure switch, concentrate flow switch, motor security switch, external alarm reset switch, regeneration indication, level switch dosing tank.
  • Option : up to 4 conductivity meters and temperature input
  • Option : up to 6 Recorder outputs 0(4)-20mA for recording measurements
  • Option : up to 12 Inputs 0(4)-20mA for flow meters, pressure meters, conductivity meters and tank level measurement
  • Option : Extra relay card with 4 powered outputs and 3 potential free outputs, free programmable
  • SD Card functions for software updates, data log and loading and saving of configuration.
  • Option : RS232 and RS485 communication for log data
  • Option : Ethernet communication for web server, e-mail function and remote control
  • Enclosure suitable for wall mounting, panel mounting and plate mounting
  • Available supply voltage (input/output) : 24V, 230V, 115/24V, 230/24V and 240/24V.