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UF Series Ultrafiltration Systems

UF 6D6Fully automated systems for filtration of surface or well water. Performance : 3 to 48 m3/h or 70 to 1100 m3/day, and pilot plant.

Ultrafiltration allows in many cases the utilisation of alternative raw water instead of precious tap water. The use of surface water or well water therefore saves cost and protects the environment.

With a wide range of optimised UF systems, our application expertise and a new pilot plant, we are a strong partner for you in all ultrafiltration applications.

We will be happy to support you on ultrafiltration solutions and discuss potential savings and ROI based on your project data.

Benefits of UF at a glance

  • Very short payback period, usually <1 year through the use of alternative raw water (e.g surface water, soil or well water) instead of city water.
  • Ultrafiltrate is an ideal supply for subsequent membrane technologies (RO or nanofiltration) other treatment methods (for process water, drinking water etc)
  • Consistently high quality of the ultrafiltrate water, independent of variations of the raw water quality
  • Very low operating costs due to high ultrafiltrate recovery yield ( 90 - 95% of the raw water) and low energy consumption
  • Nearly chemical-free operation of the UF plant
  • Use of water with high dirt content possible by appropriate pre-treatment (flocculation / precipitation plus sand or disc filter system)

Fully automatic operation

  • Cyclic fully automatic backwash of UV membranes with ultrafiltrate (backwash tank and pump are included in the system)
  • Convenient and powerful PLC S7 control with touch screen, to control and monitor the system
  • No additional pump required : operation of the UF system with on-site water pressure (minimum 2.5 bar)

UF Series Ultrafiltration Range

TypeDescriptionFlow Rate m3/hr
UF 1D6
Stand Type units for ultrafiltration of raw water.

Filtrate capacity depends on the raw water quality.
UF2 D66-12
UF4 D612-24
UF6 D618-36
UF8 D624-48

Project specific systems or other capacity available on request.
Pre treatment of raw water by filtration is recommended, e.g with DISC UF Series.

Options and accessories

DISC UF Series : Disc filter for pretreatment of ultrafiltration

Chemical-enhanced backwash (CEB) for UF plants

Booster pump (on request)

DISC UF Series

Disc filter unit, hydraulically and electrically integrated with UF system, including time or differential pressure controlled backwash, and initial permeate rejection to remove interfering purge air.

Consisting of filters with reservoir and hydro-pneumatic controls, integrated with backwash cycles of the UF system. The backwash of the filter is conducted by filtrate, supported by compressed air. Equipped as standard with 200um Discs, other disc ratings available on request.

Disc Series Ultrafiltration Range

TypeFlow Rate (up to)
Disc UF 2020 m3/h
Disc UF 4040 m3/h
Disc UF 6060 m3/h
Disc UF 8080 m3/h

CEB UF Series

CEB - Chemical Enhanced Backwash for ultrafiltration systems - Dosing pump with suction lance.

CEB 30For 1 chemical, upto size UF 6D6
CEB 50For 1 chemical, upto size UF 8D6
CEB 1For UF Pilot 1 system, dosing of 1 chemical
Booster PumpFor UF Pilot 1 in cose of insufficient water pressure