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Water Softeners – Clack Duplex

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Water Softeners - Clack Duplex


Clack Duplex water softeners consist of two vessels filled with softening resin and one brine tank which is used to regenerate each vessel in turn. In normal use one vessel is on line (duty) and the other is in standby. When the duty vessel becomes saturated it is regenerated while the standby unit becomes the duty unit. Systems are sized so they run for at least 12 hours. Parallel systems are also available.


The Clack Duplex Water Softener Units are suitable for Commercial, industrial and residential applications. All of our systems are meter controlled. The benefit of a meter controlled system is that it allows the system to calculate your water usage and instigate a regeneration cycle only when you have consumed enough water for the resin bed to be exhausted. These systems prevent any unnecessary water wastage and also ensure that your resin bed is never running past the state of exhaustion.

We supply simplex, duplex, triplex and bespoke water softening systems.

Units come supplied with:

  • Duplex Clack Softener Control Valve
  • Appropriate size of resin vessel
  • Riser with bottom distributor attached and top basket (cut to vessel size)
  • Appropriate volume of Softener Resin
  • Appropriate size brine tank
  • No Salt Unless ordered at order option stage
  • Drain hose 3m
  • Brine fill/ Draw tube 3m

Installation is easy

  • Connect the inlet and the outlet
  • Connect the drain
  • Connect the brine system
  • Plug in the transformer

General conditions for installation

  • Inlet/ Outlet connection – 1-2” BSPM dependent upon valve
  • Drain Connection – ¾” Hose
  • Electrical Rating – 230-24V / 50 Hz
  • Min inlet pressure – 200 kPa (2bar)
  • Max inlet Pressure – 700 kPa (7bar)
  • Vacuum – Not permitted
  • Average Pressure Loss – 100 kPa (1bar)
  • Max Water Temp – 43ºcAdditional Details