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Retention Filter

Rainwater Harvesting Filter - Retention FilterA total retention rainwater filter with integrated stainless steel dirt collecting basket at mesh width of 0.55mm. Easily remove the filter basket with the removal handle.

For installation in a rainwater tank or turret, or before an in-ground tank using the 3P Telescopic Extension Set with lid. This filter is ideal for systems which use the cleaned water for flushing the toilet, washing machines, watering the garden and is ideal where no connection to a sewer is possible, or where water has to be infiltrated.

All inlets and outlets at DN 100 (110mm OD), one inlet can also be used as an emergency overflow. The cleaned rainwater flows through the bottom connection into the rainwater tank. A calmed inlet is recommended.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 200 m².

The filter should be cleaned several times during the year depending on the solid loadings.