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Retention Filter XL

Rainwater Harvesting Filter - Retention Filter XLRainwater filters with locking lid and integrated dirt retention basket for installation in chambers or in turrets of a rainwater tank.The dirt basket made of stainless steel can be removed easily with the removal handle. The 3P Retention Filter XL is ideal for systems which use the cleaned water where the rainwater is to be infiltrated to ground.

The two upper connections can be used as inlets, or one can be used as an emergency overflow. Either the lower side connection or the bottom connection can be used as the outlet to the storage tank.

Connection capacity: for roof areas up to 800 m² (DN 150) and 1200 m² (DN 200).

All connections: DN 150/ DN 200

The cleaned water can be ideally used for irrigation.

The filter has to be cleaned several during the year, depending on the solids loading.