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Water Softeners – Clack Simplex

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Water Softeners – Clack Simplex


Clack Water Softener

Clack Water Softeners with Clack WS1 Valve
Part No.Mineral Tank Size (Inches)Resin (litres)Unit Price
S17-JF1035/30L/TS10 x 3530£596
S17-JF1035/30L/MS10 x 3530£596
S17-JF1035/30L/MD10 x 3530£1350
S17-JF1054/50L/TS10 x 5450£676
S17-JF1054/50L/MS10 x 5450£730
S17-JF1054/50L/MD10 x 5450£1506More Information
S17-JF1354/75L/TS13 x 5475£806
S17-JF1354/75L/MS13 x 5475£860
S17-JF1354/75L/MD13 x 5475£1868
S17-JF1465/100/TS14 x 65100£896
S17-JF1465/100/MS14 x 65100£950
S17-JF1465/100/MD14 x 65100£2048

Water Softeners – Clack Simplex

Clack Simplex water softener systems. Clack systems use a similar technology to Fleck involving a single moving piston. Having only one moving part within the water stream makes the system very reliable and simple to diagnose any fault.

These valves are also famed for being very reliable and easy to repair. Parts are inexpensive and are readily available from Industrial Water Equipment.

The Clack Simplex WS1 range is available in either time clock or meter controlled in flow rates of between 100 to 47300 Litres per hour.