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Water Softeners – Clack Simplex

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Water Softeners - Clack (Metered) Water Softeners


Clack Valve operated Water Softener Overview

Clack Simplex Water Softener

The Clack Water Softener Units are suitable for Commercial, industrial and residential applications. All of our systems are either Time Clock or meter controlled with the meter controlled systems being the more expensive of the two options. The benefit of a meter controlled system is that it allows the system to calculate your water usage and instigate a regeneration cycle only when you have consumed enough water for the resin bed to be exhausted. These systems prevent any unnecessary water wastage and also ensure that your resin bed is never running past the state of exhaustion. Timer controls although less robust are extremely reliable and consistent.

We supply simplex, duplex, triplex and bespoke water softening systems. Simplex systems are ideal in settings where the demand for soft water is not particularly high or the requirement for soft water 24/7 is not essential. This is due to the fact that during a regen cycle, your system is likely to be offline for at least 2 hours. If the system is timer controlled, this can be manually set to a time that you are less likely to require soft water.

Units come supplied with:

  • 1” Clack Softener Control Valve
  • Appropriate size of WRASS Approved resin vessel
  • Riser with bottom distributor attached and top basket (cut to vessel size)
  • Appropriate volume of Softener Resin
  • Appropriate size brine tank
  • No Salt unless ordered at option stage
  • Drain hose 3m
  • Brine fill/ Draw tube 3m

Installation is easy

  • Connect the inlet and the outlet
  • Connect the drain
  • Connect the brine system
  • Plug in the transformer

General conditions for installation

  • Inlet/ Outlet connection – 1-2” BSPM
  • Drain Connection – ¾” Hose
  • Electrical Rating – 230-24V / 50 Hz
  • Min inlet pressure – 200 kPa (2bar)
  • Max inlet Pressure – 700 kPa (7bar)
  • Vacuum – Not permitted
  • Average Pressure Loss – 100 kPa (1bar)
  • Max Water Temp – 43ºc

Additional Details

Bullet PointGreat Flow ratesBullet PointCoin Cell Lithium battery back-up with a 8 hour carry over
Bullet PointSolid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settingsBullet PointBackwash and brining ability to 21” diameter tanks
Bullet PointFront panel display for time of day, days until next regeneration, volume remaining, current flow rate and total volume used (Totalizer), and Tank in Service IndicationBullet PointDownflow or upflow brining regeneration
Bullet PointFour methods to initiate regeneration; meter immediate, meter delayed, time clock delayed or pressure differentialBullet Point12-volt output AC Adapter provides safe and easy installation
Bullet PointOptional double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiencyBullet PointTreated/Soft water post fill and regeneration cycles
Bullet PointAdjustable cycle times with 6-cycle control delivers controlled backwash, downflow brining/slow rinse, second backwash, fast rinse, refill and downflow serviceBullet PointReliable and proven DC drives