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Water Filters – Fleck Simplex

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Water Filters - Fleck Simplex


Our Fleck Simplex range is available in a various different flow rates between 0.6 -7.8 M3. Fleck systems are renowned for being simple and easy to use as well as being quick and easy to assemble and install.

One positive aspect about these systems is that they function using a single moving part (a piston) making the likelihood of failure very low but easy to diagnose and resolve.

The systems are also recognised as being very affordable with with a large product range to suit all requirements and budgets.

Parts for fleck systems are simple to find, we stock them all here at Industrial Water Equipment.

Fleck Activated Carbon Water Filter

Activated Carbon is ideal Water Filter for the removal of colour taste and odour. This black powdery substance is also ideal for the removal of Chlorine, Ozone, Organics and metals. Activated carbon is also highly effective at removing a vast range of chemicals. These types of filters are commonly used before Reverse Osmosis systems due to the fact that mains water is dosed with chlorine which is particularly destructive to RO membranes. Click here to view range.


FLeck Multimedia Water Filter

Multimedia or (MMF) Water Filters consist of a collection of four different filtration methods combined into one single unit. This single filter is commonly placed before a Reverse Osmosis system to ensure the removal of any contaminants that are likely to scale, foul or chemically attack the membranes. Click here to view range.


Fleck Filox R Water Filter

Filox R water filters are made up from Manganese Dioxide and are most effective at removing Iron, Hydrogen Sulphide and manganese. Filox R filters are reported to vastly outperform other manganese removal medias due to the fact that it is made up from 80% manganese dioxide making it the more favourable option. Filox R is capable of removing the following contaminants without any further chemical interventions. Click here to view range.


Fleck pH Correction Water Filter

pH Correction Water Filters are commonly used for various different applications within industrial settings but can also be found in residential settings. pH correction is most commonly required when the water supply comes from a borehole or natural spring. Click here to view range.


Fleck Birm Water Filter

Birm Water Filters are ideal for the removal of Iron and Manganese but also have the capability of filtering many other contaminants and chemicals such as Arsenic, Radium and Hydrogen Sulphide. Birm is particularly long-lasting. The process of filtration doesn’t erode or affect the performance on the Birm meaning there is no need for regular top-ups. Click here to view range.


Fleck Turbidex Water Filter

Turbidex granules consist of a high surface area alumino-silicate mineral that provides exceptional suspended solids filtration. The macro porous nature of Turbidex allows for filtration at levels below 5 Microns in particle size. The irregular surface area and extensive porosity of Turbidex makes it the perfect filtration media for any application where solids removal is essential to the process. Click to view range.


Fleck Nitrate Removal

Industrial Water Equipment Limited provide our customers with both of the Nitrate removal processes available, The first being a removal process by ion exchange and the other process is to remove the Nitrates via Reverse osmosis technology.
The most cost effective treatment is ion exchange but in some cases such as applications where other contaminants have to be removed reverse osmosis water filters can be used. Click to view range.