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Oil Grabber – Model 4 Specification


Model 4 Advantages


Model 4 Oil Grabber Specification

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Oil Removal Rate
16 gph (60 lph) with standard tail pulley. 20 gph (75 lph) with high capacity tail pulley. (Removal rate is based on 30 weight oil in water.)
Tail Pulley
Specify standard or high capacity. (The high capacity option uses a patented pulley design that improves the adherence of oil to the inside
Fractional hp, TEFC, gear motor operating on either 115/230VAC, single phase, 60Hz or 230/460 VAC, Optional: 50Hz power source; explosion proof; drip proof;
Belt Width
4 in. (10 cm).
Belt Length
User specified (up to 100', measured from the centre of head pulley to centre of tail pulley)
Belt Material
Specifically selected for your application
Nitrile standard; CRV optional. Specify wiper material based on temperature and fluid compatibility.
Mounting Method
Standard: Bracket for customer-supplied steel channel, with oil discharge through the channel. Option: Flat surface mount with oil discharge through a 1-1/2 in (3.75 cm) NPT male pipe fitting.
Drive assembly and housing with motor, without belt or tail pulley: 71 lbs. (32 kg) max. Standard or high capacity tail pulley: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg) 4 ft. corrosion-resistant steel belt: 4 lbs.(1.8 kg) (belt weight varies according to actual length specified)