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Leak Detection Kits – Tea Point

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Leak Detection Units - Tea Point


Tea Point Leak DetectionProduct Data


Tea Point Leak Detection Kit

NamePrice Inc VATBuy
Detects the presence of water and outputs an alarm.
BMS interface via a volt free relay output and relay output as standard for connection to valves, sounder/beacons, repeater panels and text diallers.
Easy to install utilising push fit terminal connectors, minimal commissioning and maintenance required.
This kit includes everything required to protect your tea point / kitchen area including an auto shut-off valve and sensor.

A complete system for the detection of leaks at tea points, coffee stations and kitchens.  The package includes a LeakStop alarm panel, all connection cables, 3 metres of sensor tape and a 15mm solenoid valve.

This is our most popular water leak detection package and has been used in over 100 locations to protect Teapoints, Coffee Stations and Kitchens from water leaks.  Everything required is included in the kits to enable you to install quickly and easily.  A LeakStop alarm panel connects to a 3 metre length of sensor tape which can be put under the kick boards or under the floor (if there’s a raised floor) to detect the presence of water.  Should a pipe or a fitting leak for any reason, the water will collect on and around the sensor tape.  As soon as this happens the alarm panel will sound and show a Red warning light.  At the same time a solenoid valve will automatically close, isolating the water to the area and preventing further damage due to water ingress.  All TeaPoint water leak detection packages come with a BMS connection as standard.

Whats Included :


Single zone water leak detection alarm panel with connection for solenoid valve and a volt free relay for connection to an external device such as a text dialler or beacon.

Sensor Tape (3M)

3 meter length of water leak detection sensor tape with moulded plug and socket. Designed to detect the presence of water at any point along its’ length.


15mm (1/2″) normally open 230VAC solenoid valve used to switch off the water supply to the area.


Kit includes 3 metre connection cable to connect sensor tape to the alarm panel. 2 metres of electrical flex to connect to the 230VAC supply. 10 metres of electrical flex to connect to the valve and 5 self adhesive floor clips to hold the sensor tape in position.

Optional Extras

Sends a text message to up to 512 numbers when a panel goes into alarm.  Ideal for using where the main control panel is in an area that is unmanned or there is no out of hours personnel.
A range of external sounder and beacon panels to suit every need.  Designed to work with any Alarm panel to offer remote alarm signalling.  Great for areas where the audio/visual output on the main panel may not be seen or heard.