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Double Plate Check Valve – EPDM Seat

You are here : Home | Spares & Parts | Valves | Check Valves | Double Plate Check Valves | Double Plate Check Valve – EPDM Seat

Double Plate Check Valve – EPDM Seat

Double Plate Check Valve – EPDM Seat

Duel Plate Check Valve - EPDM Seat

Dual Plate Check Valve, Cast Iron Body, Stainless Steel Plates & Springs, EPDM Seat, to suit PN10/16 Flanges, Rated PN16, Temperature 0ºC to 120ºC.

Double Plate Check Valve - EPDM Seat
2"£39.49Buy Now
2 1/2"£47.16Buy Now
3"£55.53Buy Now
4"£69.53Buy Now
5"£96.01Buy Now
6"£118.39Buy Now
8"£193.78Buy Now
10"£314.03Buy Now
12"£399.42Buy Now
14"£727.68Buy Now
16"£967.52Buy Now
18"£1941.28Buy Now
20"£2172.44Buy Now
24"£3722.94Buy Now