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Wound Filters

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Wound Filters


Wound filters are available in a multitude of different lengths, widths, materials and micron ratings to suit your every need. The wound filter is a very robust sediment removal filter and is ideal for use as a depth filter. Different materials can be used to suit your intended application such as stainless plated steel for applications using highly corrosive acid and to withstand temperatures up to 750ºF. Generally, for water treatment, the standard polypropylene wound filter is more than sufficient and It can be used up to 200ºF.

Wound filters are an ideal pre treatment before a Reverse Osmosis system or Ultraviolet system. They are also particularly useful for protecting other types of equipment such as boilers and pumps where known sediment is in the water.


IWE Wound Filters


IWE 10″ x 2½”  Wound Filters

Wound Cartridge Filter - 10" x 2.5"

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IWE 20″ x 2½”  Wound Filters

Wound Cartridge Filter

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IWE 30″ x 2½”  Wound Filters

Wound Cartridge Filter - 30" x 2.5"

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