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Testomat Indicator Liquids

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Indicator Liquids

Testomat 808 Indicator Liquids

The following indicators with various limit values are available for Testomat® 808 according to operational requirements.


Testomat Indicator Liquid
Indicator type*Colour change at a limit value of
3000.02°dH = 0.4ppm CaCO3 = 0.04°f residual hardness
300 S0.05°dH = 0.9ppm CaCO3 = 0.09°f residual hardness
3010.1°dH = 1.8ppm CaCO3 = 0.18°f residual hardness
3020.2°dH = 3.6ppm CaCO3 = 0.36°f residual hardness
3030.3°dH = 5.4ppm CaCO3 = 0.54°f residual hardness
3050.5°dH = 9ppm CaCO3 = 0.9°f residual hardness
3101°dH = 18ppm CaCO3 = 1.8°f residual hardness
3202°dH = 36ppm CaCO3 = 3.6°f residual hardness
3303°dH = 54ppm CaCO3 = 5.4°f residual hardness