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S008 Range Installation Manual & Operating Instructions


Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 

For IWE S008 Series Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Disinfection Water System

For the disinfection and removal of bacteria, moulds and algae in drinking water, food, domestic, medical, industrial applications.

110V-270V 50/60Hz Input
75W – 300W Lamp Power


How to Install your UV

Step 1: Check all the correct components are inside the box as listed above. Confirm you have a UV Chamber, Ultra Violet Lamp, Quartz Tube and O-ring.


Step 2: Ensure that the Quarts sleeve and UV lamp are clean before you attempt to install. You can clean it with a mild detergent or alcohol.

Step 3: Unscrew each end nut from the UV chamber. (Open and Closed)


Step 4: Put the o-ring 12mm from the edge of the open end of the quartz sleeve


Step 5: Carefully slide the quartz sleeve into the UV chamber


Step 6: Place the o-ring onto the closed end of the quartz sleeve


Step 7: Screw the closed end nut by hand onto the UV Chamber (closed end of Quartz Tube). Do not over tighten to prevent damage.


Step 8: Screw the Open End Nut by hand onto the UV Chamber (open end of Quartz Tube). Do not over tighten to prevent damage.


Step 9: Connect the 2-pin Electrical Socket and the Philips UV Lamp pins tightly.


Step 10: Insert the UV Lamp into the Quartz Tube through Open End Nut; this must be done with caution to prevent damaging the quartz sleeve.


Step 11: Put the Cover Cap back on and tighten carefully by hand onto the Open End Nut.


Step 12: Repeat this process to install other lamps.

Step 13: Double check the Time Relay reads 9999h.


Step 14: Choose you desired location; this must be well lit and easily accessibleLocate your system to the closest to the point of use and install it either horizontally or vertically.

Step 15: Once all pluming work is finished and all connections carefully tightened, slowly turn on the water and watch for leaks.

Step 16: Let the water run for a few minutes, this will help to clear the UV chamber of any air bubbles or dust.

Step 17: Turn on at power source.

Systems Operation Guide

Water Quality Guidelines

The UV Disinfection System is only intended for use with visually clear water, this means is should not be coloured, cloudy or turbid. The following should also be applied:

  • Ambient Water Temperature should be between 2-45℃
  • Iron: <0.3ppm (0.3mg/l)
  • Hardness: <7gpg (120mg/l)
  • Turbidity: <1NTU
  • Manganese: 0.05ppm (0.05mg/l)
  • UV Transmittance: >75%

Power wire

Red line: L

Green line: N

Green and yellow line: PE

In the event of lamp failure the corresponding red LED will flash and buzzer will be sound. The system will continue to flash and sound until the lamp is changed.

  • You must turn off the power, replace the lamp and repower the system.
  • The UV system must not be installed or used when UV Lamp or Sleeve Tube is broken. Buy a replacement, install and continue.

Frequent switching of the power on and off will reduce the UV radiation and life of the unit.

In the event that your UV should fall into water, immediately turn off the power at the mains supply. Then retrieve it. DO NOT USE a UV steriliser if it has been submerged.

Not for outside Use

Do not use if the unit has a damaged power cord or plug

Do not use if the unit is malfunctioning, dropped or damaged in any way.

A UV system should always be installed after the filter on the return line

If there is any risk that the water in the UV should freeze completely drain chamber of water and do not refill until danger of freezing is past.

Safety Guards

symbol1Risk of severe or fatal electrical shock when water is in close proximity to this electrical system. User must always disconnect power before performing any maintenance on this system.
symbol2This UV system must be grounded.
symbol3Always wear protective eye and skin wear. Germicidal ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and skin, exposure should be avoided.
symbol4CAUTION: Risk of burning due to heat from the lamp when in use. Never touch the lamp directly; we advise always wearing protective gloves.

Testing your UV system monthly or before each use.

Replace the UV Lamp every 9000 hours of use. After 8000 hours, the UV intensity will not be as strong.

Cleaning the quartz sleeve every 3-6 months a mild detergent or alcohol.