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Retention Filter

Rainwater Harvesting Filter - Retention FilterThe 3P Retention Filter with plastic shaft extension tube is for direct installation in the ground before the rainwater tank, with locking lid.

The extension tube is telescopic, so it can be cut to the correct height. It is simple to use and install. The extension is correctly fitted when the bayonet locking system which clicks into place.

This specialised filter retains all debris in a stainless steel basket (mesh size 0.55 mm). No dirt is washed away into the soakaway or infiltration structure.

This filter is suitable for systems where the water is used in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, in homes, in commerce, in public buildings, in industry, and for sites in which the rainwater has to be infiltrated. This filter is ideal where no connection to waste is possible.

All inlets and outlets are at DN 100 (110mm OD), one inlet can also be used as an emergency overflow.

The cleaned rainwater is led through the bottom connection into the rainwater tank. A calmed inlet can be installed there.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 213 m².

The cleaned water can be used for washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering.

The filter has to be cleaned depending on the contamination several times during the year.