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Garden Filter XL

Rainwater Harvesting Filter - Garden Filter XLThe Garden XL rainwater filter with locking lid for direct installation in chambers before the rainwater tank or in the tank turret .

The integrated filter basket is easily removed with a removal handle.

This filter is most suitable for larger irrigation systems and for sites in which the rainwater has to be infiltrated. This filter is ideal where connection with a sewer is not possible or is not needed. It is also ideal where water is to be infiltrated to ground via soakaways.

All inlets and outlets at both DN 150 and DN 200.
The two upper connections can be used as inlets, or one can be used as an emergency overflow. Either the lower side connection or the bottom connection can be used as the outlet to the storage tank.
The cleaned rainwater flows through the bottom connection into the rainwater tank. A calmed inlet can also be installed there.
Connection capacity: for roof areas up to 800 m² (DN 150) and 1200 m² (DN 200).
The cleaned water can be ideally used for irrigation.

The filter should be cleaned several times during the year, depending on the solids loading.