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UV Water Filters – Weedeco UV Max A


UV Max A UV Water Filter

The UV disinfection systems of the WEDECO A series destroys bacteria, viruses, yeasts, parasites and cryptosporidiae efficiently and environmentally compatibly, without using chemicals.

The efficient and temperature-stable WEDECO Spektrotherm® lamps inside the disinfection reactor facilitate extremely compact design and guarantee maximum disinfection of water at all temperatures from hot to very cold.
The systems are certified according to the german DVGW standard W294-2 as well as the Austrian ÖNORM M5873-1. As a result an uncompromising secure disinfection performance is guaranteed.

Efficient & Effective: WEDECO Spektrotherm® technology

At the heart of the A series is the high performance Spektrotherm® lamp. Its excellent UVC output is allied to high efficiency and outstanding temperature stability, i.e. its UV output remains virtually constant, irrespective of whether the surrounding water is hot or cold. The Spektrotherm® lamp emits at a wavelength of 254 nm, which is in the maximum of the effective disinfection range of the spectrum.

The high UV-C output means that the WEDECO A series UV systems have only one Spektrotherm® lamp, whereas conventional UV systems need several lamps. This, together with the long life of the Spektrotherm® lamp, results in very low operating costs for users of the A series.

UV disinfection chamber

The UV disinfection chamber is made of electropolished high grade stainless steel. The Spektrotherm® lamp is fitted centrally. Specially developed and optimised flow baffles guarantee uniform exposure to the UV radiation and ensure the best disinfection results. In the disinfection chamber, a UV sensor is accommodated in a standardised tube with a measurement window. Other advantages of the A series are the option of variable fitting in the water pipes, minimal loss of pressure, and easy cleaning thanks to a removable protective quartz sleeve.

Spectrum emission controller (SEC)

The Spectrum Emission Controller (SEC) handles all control and monitoring functions of the UV system. The appropriate remote monitoring outputs are provided. An easy to operate front panel with a large display provides continuous information about all operating conditions. The stable, calibrated UV sensor, according to DVGW and ÖNORM measures the radiation intensity. Disinfection performance is thus permanently under control.