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UV Water Filter – Weedeco TAK 55 HP Series


TAK 55 HP Series UV Water Filter

Wherever waste water can enter water used for bathing or drinking, or when waste water is to be recycled – e.g. in agriculture, targeted disinfection of the waste water is necessary. The modularly designed UV system WEDECO TAK 55 allows practically unlimited quantities of waste water to be disinfected – absolutely safely and energy-efficiently.

The UV system WEDECO TAK 55 is ITT’s solution for safe, more environmentally friendly waste water disinfection. The philosophy behind WEDECO TAK 55 is absolutely reliable operation and objective performance for long-term deployment. The system has been validated according to standards recognised across the globe such as NWRI and US EPA.

The WEDECO TAK 55 UV system has been specially developed for the disinfection of waste water from clarification plant processes. Installed within the effluent channel, the modular, compact construction of the TAK plant allows for the treatment of practically unlimited flow quantities

WEDECO TAK 55 lamp module

The WEDECO TAK 55 lamp modules stand out with their robust, hydraulically optimised design – designed for long-term use. The compact UV lamp arrangement allows for highly concentrated power in a very small space. The result is disinfection performance secured at all times even with larger volume flows and low UV transmission from the waste water.

Depending on local circumstances and performance requirements, both the entire TAK system and the arrangement of the individual UV lamp modules can be customised – the number and arrangement of the modules, number of lamps per module and the distance of the UV lamp from one another – just about every detail is taken into consideration with the client’s wishes being the focus.