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UV Water Filter – Weedeco Spektron


Spektron UV Water Filter

The biodosimetrically tested UV systems from the Spektron product range meet all the requirements of safe and environmentally friendly water disinfection according to §11 of the German drinking water regulation (TrinkwV 2001). They are certified according to Austrian ÖNORM and German DVGW directives.

The new Spektron range offers a wide array of uses from domestic water supply to industrial uses to large water plants with a capacity of more than one thousand m3/h. What makes them special is their consistent optimisation of hydraulic characteristics with the use of the unique CrossMix® module. Electronic ballasts of the newest generation in conjunction with our Spektrotherm® lamp technology allows minimising energy and lamp costs by up to 30%. Improved Spektrotherm® lamps offer today even better efficiency and a very long lamp life.

The robust construction makes them certifiably usable in waters with high humic contents or in environments with increased requirements in terms of EMC protection. The new uv reactor construction ensures simple installation withinvirtually any space limitation.


  • Safe disinfection through biodosimetrically certified systems
  • No harmful by-products (such as THM’s in chlorinating)
  • Exceptionally low operating costs through uniquely efficient electricity flow and electronic units of the newest generation
  • Excellent EMC protection, exceeds valid industry and household standards
  • Ongoing self-monitoring of UV intensity, reactor temperatures and water flow combined with a high-performance memory and analysis system
  • Extremely low loss of pressure
  • Variable installation positions for easy integration into existing pipeline systems