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UV Water Filters – Weedeco SA Series

SA Series UV Water Filter

Surrounded by water and yet a precious commodity: Micro-biologically harmless drinking or industrial water on sea and inland vessels has always been a basic condition for every successful passage. In order to always be able to provide the precious water in germ-free quality, we have developed the UV disinfection system WEDECO SA especially for navigation.

The WEDECO UV equipment of the SA series ensures micro-biologically impeccable water on passenger ships, ferryboats, container vessels, research vessels and fish factory vessels, to name just some examples. More than 4,000 WEDECO SA systems already ensure the disinfection of drinking water, sea water (e.g. for fish processing on board) or waste water worldwide, before it is released into waters. The WEDECO SA series is certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL), the SeeBG and is certified in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water).

Perfect quality of drinking water without the addition of chemicals

An effective and environmentally friendly inactivation of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and parasites (such as cryptosporidia and giardia) is achieved with the WEDECO SA UV system, without using chemicals such as chlorine.

The highly efficient and temperature-stable WEDECO Spektrotherm UV lamp inside the disinfection chamber allows an extremely compact construction and guarantees maximum disinfection both in the case of very cold water and in warm-water systems. In contrast with conventional UV systems, the WEDECO SA system can also be operated without any problems even at high ambient temperatures (e.g. in the engine room) up to 50°C.

High disinfection performance with low energy consumption

Certified in accordance with GL, SeeBG and DVGW W294-2 for drinking water

Compact construction

Operation in cold or warm water

Operation even at high ambient temperatures