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UV Water Filter – Weedeco LBX Series


LBX Series UV Water Filters

The LBX series fulfils all the requirements for safe, economical and environmentally friendly disinfection of liquids with low UV transmittance like biological pretreated wastewater, drinking water, process water or sugar syrup.

The LBX series combines the WEDECO Spektrotherm® lamp with a hydraulically optimized reactor chamber. The tight positioning of the lamps enables the treatment of water with low UV transmittance. Electronic ballasts specifically configured for the Spektrotherm® lamps are used to increase efficiency and lamp lifetime.

The result is an extremely compact design, improved economy and maximum disinfection performance even with turbid water. Flow rates of more than 1,000 m3/h per reactor are now possible.

UV dose control with the WEDECO variable system

WEDECO LBX systems can be optionally equipped with a fully automatic dose control. This unique feature of the WEDECO technology enables the output to be exactly adjusted to the water quality and flow. Overdosage is thereby avoided.

The output of the Spektrotherm®HP lamp is continuously controlled, resulting in substantial reduction of operation cost. The radiation intensity is determined at a representative point within the UV reactor and serves, together with the flow signal, to regulate UV output.

Automatic Wiping System reduces scale formation

LBX UV systems are designed for quick maintenance. It can be dismantled easily for manual cleaning and is prepared to be connected with an optional chemical rinsing system.

Additionally the UV reactor can optionally be equipped with an Automatic Wiping System to prevent scale formation on the quartz sleeves. As a result, the intermittent manual cleaning using chemical cleaning agents sleeves will hardly be required. The chemical free Wiping System employs PTFE/ Viton sandwich wipers which avoid formation of organic and inorganic deposits on the protective quartz tubes while being unaffected by the high intensity UV light at the lamp surface.