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UV Water Filter – Weedeco E – ME Series


E / ME Series UV Water Filter

Reliable UV disinfection “without side effects” for the production of ultra pure water or distillate-like water.

Enterprises from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and semiconductor industry require ultra pure water for the production process (purified water PW, HPW, UPW). The UV system WEDECO E/ME has been specially developed for these high requirements.

The special characteristic is the inline principle: The water flows through a quartz glass reactor and is irradiated from outside. Thus the preparation process is kept completely closed, free from built-in parts in the process medium and virtually without pressure loss. Since this is a purely physical disinfection technique, no additives are put into to the water. As part of the production of ultra pure water, the WEDECO E/ME system is outstandingly suited for disinfection as well as for ozone remnant destruction.

With the type series E, all system components (quartz reactor and electro-technology) are integrated in a compact stainless steel housing. With the ME systems, the electro-technology is in a separate control cabinet. The reactor consists of a quartz glass pipe with external UV emitters and reflectors arranged parallel to the flow.


  • Very high disinfection performance thanks to “positive irradiation geometry”
  • Very low pressure loss (free of dead space)
  • No built-in parts in the process medium
  • Pharmaceutical/ultra pure water design fulfils the requirements in accordance with GMP and FDA directives
  • Simple installation
  • Resistant against CIP/SIP operations thanks to selected materials and sensor with measuring window tube
  • Adaptable to material specifications