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UV Water Filter – Weedeco BX Series

BX Series UV Water Filter

A large proportion of the drinking water used worldwide is used industrially, e.g. as process water for the production of beverages and food, in the cosmetics industry or for rinsing and recycling processes. In order to ideally utilise UV disinfection for individual operating conditions also, ITT has developed the compact UV system WEDECO BX. Numerous options and variations facilitate the integration into existing processes.

The reactors of the WEDECO BX series are equipped with efficient high-performance low-pressure Spektrotherm® UV lamps. In combination with special flow installations for the improvement of hydraulic conditions, very good disinfection results are achieved with low energy consumption at the same time.

Vario dose control: Less energy consumption – longer emitter running times

The Spektrotherm® lamp technology does not only enable an increased UV-C performance, but also a variable controlling of the lamp power from 50 – 100%. This development makes using the modern dose control possible, which leads both to a reduction of the energy consumption and to extended emitter lifetimes.

Automatic wiping system reduces deposits

BX UV systems are already designed for fast and simple maintenance, e.g. through simple disassembly with manual cleaning or the standard integrated chemical rinsing system. In addition, WEDECO BX equipment can be optionally fitted with an automatic wiping system, which prevents the formation of organic and inorganic deposits on the protective quartz pipes. Therefore interruptions to operation are practically ruled out thanks to manual cleaning of the emitter cladding pipes. The chemical-free wiping system works with PTFE viton wiper rings, which are not impaired themselves by the intensive UV-radiation at the emitter surface.