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Pressure Vessels

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Pressure Vessels FRP Residential


  • Top / Bottom Theading : 21/2” – 8 NPSM / 4” – 8UN
  • Operating Pressure : MIN 0 BAR – MAX 10 BAR
  • Operating Temperature : POLYESTER : MIN 1° C – MAX 50° C. VINYLESTER : MIN 1° C – MAX 65° C
  • Minimum Fatigue : 250.000 CYCLES BETWEEN 0 – 10 BAR
  • Standard Colour : DURALAM BLUE VESSEL, RAL 5015, BLACK BASE

Industrial Water Equipment supply Pressure Vessels specifically for the water treatment industry. Typically, the pressure vessels are the holding vessels for ion exchange resins and filtration media, and form the body of the vessel used for water treatment plant such as softening, demineralisation, filtration and dealkalisation plants.

The standard composite pressure vessels operate in the range of up to 10 bar and up to 50ºC maximum temperature. They are supplied on a base. The colour is blue as standard, with black base.

Typical standard pressure vessels available are:

  • Polyglass vessels 5″ to 13″ diameter
  • FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastic) 6″ to 36″ diameter
  • Composite vessels 14″ to 79″ diameter

Vessels have bottom and top threaded openings, with side openings for larger flow rates.


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