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Polypropylene Ball Float Valves

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Acid Resistant Polypropylene Ball Float Valves


Polypropylene Ball Float ValvesDatasheet

Polypropylene Ball Float Valve

The Acid Resistant Polypropylene Ball Float Valve incorporates an adjustable cam to give more flexibility in situations where adjusting fluid levels is essential and it resolves the problem of the type AB air gap.

Polypropylene Ball Float Valves are available in 3 sizes, each having a BSP inlet and outlet. The three sizes are 1/2″ width which has a 5/16″ whit worth studding metal arm with a 5″ ball. The 1″ has a 7″ ball, the 1 1/2″ with a 9″ ball. Both the 1″ and the 1 1/2″ arms are manufactured using a 1/2″ whitworth studding. All arms are completely enclosed making the product chemical resistant.

The internal seat, manufactured in EVA Polythene has a working temperature of 70ºC maximum and has a certain chemical resistance. The EPDM rubber internal parts has a working temperature of 90ºC and has a greater resistance to a wider range of aggressive chemicals than EVA.

We manufacture two internal valve seats in polypropylene. The standard bore is for a normal flow of liquid and a larger bore allowing a greater flow of liquid.

The ball float valves are very robustly constructed and have a long maintenance free operating life. Once installed they can be left to perform the required function without the constant need for supervision.

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