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Oil Skimmer – Tote-IT Advantages


Tote-IT Advantages


Tote-IT Oil Skimmer Advantages

Oil Skimmer - Tote IT

  • Multiple site usage easily moved from one place to another
  • 36 lb., single unit portability
  • A single unit elevates and separates oil
  • Effective in turbulent fluids
  • Can be used in tanks as shallow as a few inches
  • Requires no tank modifications in most applications
  • Maintains skimming efficiency in fluctuating fluid levels
  • Easy mounting and fast cleaning, with minimal maintenance

Rugged Construction for Harsh Conditions: The Tote-It belt oil skimmer has been designed to last for many years. Belts are specifically selected for your application. A tough power train keeps the Tote-It running under the most severe conditions. With the proper configuration the Tote-It can handle liquid temperatures up to 212 F, and the pH of the fluid can range from 3 to 13.