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Leak Detection Kits – Pub / Cellar

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Leak Detection Units - Pub / Cellar

Cellar Water Leak Detection Kit

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Protect your stock
Prevent damage
Be the first to know of a problem
Take quick remedial action
24 / 7 monitoring

Buy a pub cellar water leak detection kit and protect your stock from becoming damaged due to flooding.  Designed around a water leak detection sensor probe, any presence of water in areas where it is not expected will trigger the alarm.  Everything required for the detection of water comes in this package including the alarm panel, the sensor probe and the cable to connect them.  Have the piece of mind that should a pipe burst or the condensate tray from your A/C unit spill over into your cellar, you’ll be alerted to it immediately.  The LeakStop alarm panel can be mounted in an area away from the cellar where it will be seen and heard in the event of a leak.  Knowing that a leak has occurred enables you to take quick and evasive action to minimise the damage and incurred cost associated with this event.

Whats Included :

Leakstop Alarm Panel

Single zone water leak detection alarm panel with connection for solenoid valve and a volt free relay for connection to an external device such as a text dialler or beacon.

Sensor Probe

A water leak detection sensor probe designed to be installed in harsh environments where the potential for damage is elevated. Comes with height adjustable brackets that enable you to set the height anywhere between 1mm to 25mm from the floor. Setting the sensor at the appropriate height takes into account floor mopping which could trigger a false alarm.


Kit includes 10 metre connection cable to connect sensor probe to the alarm panel.


Optional Extras

Sends a text message to up to 512 numbers when a panel goes into alarm.  Ideal for using where the main control panel is in an area that is unmanned or there is no out of hours personnel.
A range of external sounder and beacon panels to suit every need.  Designed to work with any Alarm panel to offer remote alarm signalling.  Great for areas where the audio/visual output on the main panel may not be seen or heard.