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IWE Ion Exchange Resin Mixed Bed – Datasheet


MX11 Mixed Bed ResinDatasheet


IWE-MX11 is a ready to use, one way use Mixed Bed resin specifically designed for the production of fully demineralised water. The product is made of a 1:1 volumetric ratio of Resinex K-8 and Resinex A-4 to offer a very low conductivity in the outlet during operation. The Type 1 functional group in the anionic compound guarantees a high purity, silica free water.

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Typical Properties
TypeCrosslinked polystyrene divinylbenzene
FormGel-type spherical beads
Functional groupSunfonic acid/Quaternary Ammonium, Type 1
Whole bead count95% min
Ionic form as shippedH/OH
Bead Size16x40 US Mesh (0.45 - 1.20 mm)
Effective size0.50 - 0.07mm
Bulk density730 kg/m3
Volume ratio1:1
Water retention45 - 55%
Operating capacity approxCation : 0.85 eq/l, Anion : 0.40 eq/l
Volume change regenerated > loaded15% max
Stability, pH0-14
Standard Design Considerations
Bed depth>600 mm
service flow rate8-40 BV/h
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Key Features & Benefits

High Integrity Beads 

Excellent resistance to mechanical degradation ensures low pressure drop.

High Operating Capacity

Economical Advantage.

Low Conductivity Leakage

Offers conductivity leakage <0.1 us/cm and is useable for all standard mixed bed applications.

Typical Applications

Polishing after demineralisation

Demineralisation in laboratories

Mixed Bed cartridges

Standard Packaging

25 Ltr PE valve bags

1000 Ltr Big Bags

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