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Water Softener Resin – IWEKW-8

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KW8 Water Softener Resin

IWE Water Softener Resin

Typical Applications

  • Residential Softening
  • Industrial Softening
  • Municipal Softening

IWEKW-8 Water Softener Resin is a high purity, premium grade, pretreated, strongly acidic gel-type cation exchange resin specially designed for residential drinking water treatment. The IWEKW-8 is a bead type, cross linked, polystyrene divinylbenzene resin that offers excellent bead integrity and very low extractable.

The product is highly suitable for a wide variety of drinking water treatment applications.

IWEKW-8 Water Softener Resin

IWEKW-8 Water Softener Resin
12.5 Ltr£25.00Buy Now
25 Ltr£45.00Buy Now

For orders over 1000 ltr please call for a price.