clack ph correction water filters

RefDescriptionControl ValveTank Size*Media VolumeFlow Rate
J50-C10.74 m3/hr Juraperle WS1 SystemClack WS110” x 54”50 kgs0.74 m3/hr
J75-C11.07 m3/hr Juraperle WS1 SystemClack WS112” x 52”75 kgs1.07 m3/hr
J100-C11.26 m3/hr Juraperle WS1 SystemClack WS113” x 54”100 kgs1.26 m3/hr
J125-C11.46 m3/hr Juraperle WS1 SystemClack WS114” x 65”125 kgs1.46 m3/hr
J150-C11.90 m3/hr Juraperle WS1 SystemClack WS116” x 65”150 kgs1.90 m3/hr
J225-C12.41 m3/hr Juraperle WS1 SystemClack WS118” x 65”225 kgs2.41 m3/hr
J250-C13.27 m3/hr Juraperle WS1 SystemClack WS121” x 60”250 kgs3.27 m3/hr
J400-C1.54.28 m3/hr Juraperle WS1.5 SystemClack WS1.524” x 69”400 kgs4.28 m3/hr
J650-C26.69 m3/hr Juraperle WS2 SystemClack WS230” x 72”650 kgs6.69 m3/hr
J925-C29.63 m3/hr Juraperle WS2 SystemClack WS236” x 72”925 kgs9.63 m3/hr
*Juraperle comes in 25kgs bag with 16.6L per bag
** Service flow dependent on CO2 level

pH Correction

Water with a pH below 7 is acidic and corrosive. Raising the pH will neutralise the water, removing the metallic taste and pipe corrosion, and can also reduce any iron or manganese contamination. The backwashing head has the advantage of remixing the media and removing any debris or iron / manganese. By backwashing, the unit prevents the media from compressing and stops it going hard.

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