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Water Filter Cartridges – Intelifil Carbon Filters


IWE Water Filter Cartridges and Filter Housings.

Our Filter Housings range includes Plastic, Stainless Steel, High Flow, Bag Filters, Centrifugal and Cryptosporidium Filters.

Alongside our Water Filter Housings we also stock a vast range of replacement Cartridge and Bag filters to suit every application including Oil Removal Filters, Water Treatment Filters, High Temperature Filters and many more.

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Water Filter Equipment Servicing

IWE Price Promise


Industrial Water Equipment have developed a series of Service and Maintenance packages for all types of Water Treatment Equipment.

We Guarantee to beat any like for like service quote by at least 10%


Service - Maintenance Packages
Planned Service and Maintenance visits per year2 or 42 or 42, 4 or 62, 4 or 6
Electronic reports emailed direct to 2 addresses
Breakdown response time (Hours)482424 or 1224, 12 or 6
Breakdown callout charge coveredNoNoNo
Breakdown callouts discountedNoNo
Annual consumables pack includedNo
Spare parts used and annual consumables includedNoNoNo
Discounted consumablesNo
24 Hour tech support telephone number
Site specific reports and equipment history records issuedNo
Service Package Optional Extras
Optional ExtrasBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Annual Resin Analysis
Spares Holding Facility
Media Replacement
Resin Analysis
RO Membrane Cleaning
Disinfection and Sanitisation

Water Filters

Water Filters as supplied by Industrial Water Equipment are suitable for both Industrial and Residential applications

All our fleck water filters are available within 48 hours of purchase.
Standard flow rates are from 100 ltrs/Hr to 20,000 ltrs/Hr
With over 5 models in each range and 20 variants of each model .

Industrial Water Equipment can supply you the most efficient water filter to suit each application. Our standard range of Fleck water filters are divided into 6 main categories.

Activated Carbon Water Filters

Granular Activated carbon media removes organics, residual disinfectants , colour taste and odour from water.

Multimedia Water Filters

Our Fleck Multimedia Water Filters represent a significant improvement over single media filters. Using multimedia in our Fleck systems gives faster flow rates and higher quality filtered water compared to filters such as sand only.

Filox R Water Filters and Birm Water Filters

Birm and Filox R are used inside our Fleck Water Filters as these have proved to be the most efficient way of removing Iron and Manganease from water.

pH Correction Water Filters

pH Correction Water Filters adjust the pH of the incoming water in order to help nutralise the the nature of aggressive water to a more stable level. These Filters use Magnadol which is a calcium carbonate product which dissolves into the feed water.

Nitrate Removal Filters

Our Fleck Nitrate Removal filters utilise a Nitrate selective resin to remove unwanted Nitrates in water supplies.

Time Controlled Water Filters

A 7 day 24 hour timer attached to the water control valve controls a time-controlled water softener. The time controlled water softener regenerates to what you have programmed the regeneration times to. This can me a minimum of once per week and a maximum of once per day. The usual time for regenerating a time controlled water softener/filter is 3pm when the water usage is at it’s lowest. The time of regeneration on a duplex time controlled softener is not as important as on a simplex model as the water to service is not interrupted.
The voltage of the timer is usually 12v and new timer-controlled softeners are supplied with a 240v to 24v transformer. /particulate removal capacity, between regenerations, will vary with units. Softeners/filters with small capacities must regenerate more often. Your daily softening/filtering need depends on the amount of water used daily in your household and the hardness/fouling levels of your water. To determine your daily hardness removal need, multiply daily household water use (measured in gallons) by the hardness of the water (measured in grains per gallon).

Example: 400 gallons used per day X 15 grains per gallon hardness = 6,000 grains of hardness must be removed daily.

Meter Controlled Water Filters

Meter controlled softeners and water filters work by having a water meter or turbine on the outlet side of the softener or filter control valve. The meter or turbine sends a pulse to the counter within the control valve and when a preset value is reached the softener or filter will go into a regeneration cycle.
Most duplex water softeners and filters will be meter controlled as they gain the maximum capacity from the resin or filter media and makes the system more efficient. Unlike the time controlled units the resin or filter mediawill only regenerate once they are exhausted. You cannot preset a time for regeneration as you can for time controlled systems so meter controlled systems are rarely used in domestic situations.

Simplex Water Filters

A simplex water softener/filter consists of one vessel containing ion exchange resin or filtration media retrospectively,once the ion exchange resins/media are exhausted. the water softener/filter will go into the regeneration sequence. During the regeneration sequence which takes around 2 hours there will be no water passed through the softener or filter to service.

If the water softener/water filter is time controlled it is possible to set the regeneration time to 3am when there is usually no requirement for water but if the water softener/filter is a water meter controlled unit it is more difficult to gauge at what time the softener/filter will regenerating.

If a continuous supply of softened or filtered water is required it is usual to install a duplex water softener/water filter.

Duplex Water Filters

A Duplex water softener/filter consists of two vessels containing ion exchange resin, Once the first column of resin has exhausted and goes into regeneration the second column goes into service.

This maintains soft/filtered water to service at all times. Duplex water softeners and water filters are usually water meter controlled but in some cases can be time clock controlled.

Valve Selection

Siata control range or Fleck control range?

How to choose which valve suits your application.

In our opinion both valves perform very reliably and set the industry standard for water treatment control valves.

The biggest factor in choosing between each of them is personal preference. However there are small differences in the construction materials and slight differences in flow characteristics.

Below we have the main elements of valve selection and once you have specified which valve you prefer you can check the characteristics of the unselected option at the end of the selection guide.

Siata Valve Characteristics

Suitable applications :

  • Industrial
  • Laboratory
  • Domestic

Available forms :

  • Simplex
  • Duplex

Fleck Valve Characteristics

Suitable applications :

  • Industrial
  • Laboratory
  • Domestic

Available forms :

  • Simplex
  • Duplex