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Plastic Cartridge Filter Housings

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Plastic Water Filter Housings – 10″ x 2½”

Connection Size 1/4″

Connection Size 3/8″

Connection Size 1/2″

Connection Size 3/4″

Plastic Water Filter Housings – 10″ x 4″

Connection Size 3/4″

Connection Size 1″

Connection Size 1 ½”

Plastic Water Filter Housings – 20″ x 2½”

Connection Size 3/4″

Plastic Water Filter Housings – 20″ x 4″

Connection Size 3/4″

Connection Size 1″

Connection Size 1 ½”

High Flow Plastic Water Filter Housings

Cartridge Filters – Plastic Filter Housings

Industrial Water Equipment Plastic Water Filter Housings. Our cartridge filters can be used as a stand-alone filtration device, a finishing or polishing unit or as a pre-treatment method for applications such as reverse osmosis.

We supply water filter housings in standard housing sizes. Our housings are ideal for applications such as pre filtration for reverse osmosis or UV Sterilisation, Aquarium filtration, Window Washing for water fed pole systems, under sink applications and many more.

We also offer a range of spares for your housing including brackets, wrenches and o-rings.


Cartridge Filters More Information

What is a cartridge filter?

A cartridge filter is a sediment filter. It uses a barrier system to remove harmful contaminants and sediments from a water source. The sophistication of cartridge filter varies greatly. Some are designed to remove microscopic contaminants down to 0.1μm. While others are used simply to separate larger particles such as grit or sand. A cartridge filter is one of the most economical on the market and is commonly used for applications such as swimming pools, drinking water and aquariums.

Usually, the filter comes in the form of a long cylinder and can be made out of various different materials dependent on the intended application. Swimming pools however usually use a flat cartridge filter. The shape of the filter is usually dependent on the location of the filter and where its best to fit. Cylindrical filters are best when placed within a filter housing or directly to pipework.

Cartridge filters are most favoured for use with drinking water. Cartridge filters are ideal for removing the chlorine, calcium, magnesium, lead and fluoride. These additives while not harmful, may affect the taste of the water and the taste and colour of food and drink that is mixed or cooked with the water. To get an overall purer water a cartridge filter is ideal. They are quick and easy to use, easy to replace and cheap.

What can cartridge filter be used for?

Ideally, a cartridge filter is used for permeate that does not exceed contamination levels of >100μm but used as a polishing unit, cartridge filters are effective at removing contaminates >500μm. A cartridge filter can be applied to remove contaminants from either gas or water.
Within liquid filtration, cartridge filters are ideal for – bulk chemicals, pre treating RO water, use in beverage industry, petrochemicals, hydraulic fluids, cosmetics/pharmaceuticals, reagent grade chemicals, paints/ varnishes, semiconductors, sugars and electric utilities.

For the above contaminants, a cartridge filter can be used as a stand-alone filter media but alongside this, a cartridge filter may be used as a finishing or polishing unit or may be used as a pre-treatment for another mode of filtration such as reverse osmosis.

Why has the pressure dropped with my cartridge filter?

Usually, a pressure drop with a cartridge filter is related to the filter media becoming clogged and therefore exhausted. Once the media is at this stage, it requires replacement.

What types of cartridge filters are there available?

Cartridge filters can offer both surface and depth filtration. The names of these types of cartridge filters do not reflect the positioning of the filter but describes how particulates are trapped within the filter.

A surface filter traps its contaminants on the outside of the media and are commonly made from plastics. Surface filters are usually cleanable and can effectively be reused.
A depth filter catches contaminants on the surface and throughout the entire thickness of the media. Depth filters are usually made from a more porous cloth like material and are not quite as easily cleaned or reused once exhausted.
Generally, cartridge filters are designed as disposable, they are a relatively cheap consumable.

Industrial Water Equipment supply a wide range of cartridge filters to meet your every need, these include – pleated filters, melt blown filters, jumbo filters, wound filters, high temperature filters, high purity filters, oil reduction filters, carbon block filters, GAC filters, big bubba filters, hot tub and fridge filters and cryptosporidium filters.