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Carbon Steel Check Valve – Spring Check – Wafer type

You are here : Home | Spares & Parts | Valves | Check Valves | Carbon Steel Check Valves | Swing Check – Wafer type

Carbon Steel Check Valve – Spring Check – Wafer type

Carbon Steel Check Valve – Wafer Type


Spring Check Valve - Wafer Type

To Fit PN6/10/16/25, ANSI 150 & Table E Flanges, Carbon Steel Body & Disc, Stainless Steel Spring, Various Seating Options, 2″ – 4″ Rated PN25, 5″ – 8″ Rated PN16, Temperature NBR -10ºC to 100ºC, Viton -10ºC to 150ºC, PTFE -10ºC to 200ºC.

Spring Check - Wafer type NBR
1 1/4"£71.71Buy Now
1 1/2"£73.44Buy Now
2"£77.20Buy Now
2 1/2"£84.71Buy Now
3"£99.81Buy Now
4"£120.11Buy Now
5"£144.77Buy Now
6"£176.94Buy Now
8"£258.43Buy Now
10"£416.34Buy Now
Spring Check - Wafer type Viton
1 1/4"£83.58Buy Now
1 1/2"£84.49Buy Now
2"£84.71Buy Now
2 1/2"£96.51Buy Now
3"£116.88Buy Now
4"£141.55Buy Now
5"£169.44Buy Now
6"£205.89Buy Now
8"£310.98Buy Now
10"£530.29Buy Now
Spring Check - Wafer type PTFE
1 1/4"£96.73Buy Now
1 1/2"£98.61Buy Now
2"£105.09Buy Now
2 1/2"£120.11Buy Now
3"£139.41Buy Now
4"£165.15Buy Now
5"£208.04Buy Now
6"£249.85Buy Now
8"£368.90Buy Now
10"£621.23Buy Now