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Stainless Steel Filter Housing – 7 to 10 bar (Dished Bottom)

Stainless Steel Dished Bottom Filter HousingThe 62 Series Multi cartridge housing is designed to accommodate 3, 5, 10, 15, 19, 24, 30 or 40 stacks of filter cartridges up to 40” long. The top opening style is equipped with Rathmann style bolted closures as standard for pressures ranging from 6 – 10 bar g. Leg mounted and equipped with the more conventional dished end, these housings suit processes where there is a need to allow complete drainage of the clean chamber.

This design assists in maintaining the general cleanliness of the process system. With the ability to accept both standard Double Open End and Single Open End cartridges, this leg mounted, free standing housing will suit most applications. Bolted closures are an option available for all models.

The 62 Series will accept the full range of industry standard cartridgesranging from 0.1 to 500µm with nominal lengths of 30 and 40”. For information on housings suitable for 3-15 cartridges refer to datasheet ‘62 Series-3-15 Round Multi Cartridge Housings’.

Product Features:

  • Dished bottom end allows complete drainage of clean chamber, leading to improved system cleanliness
  • Rathmann style bolted closures for reliable leak free operation
  • Cast compression nut with integral PTFE washer for easy, hand tight cartridge sealing
  • Wide range of connection sizes and types, cartridge lengths and materials of construction
  • PED and ATEX Complaint

Features and Benefits

  • Integral vent, clean and dirty drains to aid efficient filter change-out
  • Each housing hydrostatically pressure tested
  • Internally and externally electropolished as standard
  • Each housing is etched with a unique serial number for full traceability
  • Full housing customisation service available
  • Universal cup enables choice of plug in (Code 3, Code 8 and Code A) or DOE cartridge styles in the same housing
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