£1,026.34 - £855.28 (exc. VAT)
£1,724.17 - £1,436.81 (exc. VAT)
£2,126.72 - £1,772.27 (exc. VAT)
£3,374.91 - £2,812.43 (exc. VAT)
£3,725.25 - £3,104.38 (exc. VAT)
£5,205.76 - £4,338.13 (exc. VAT)
£6,064.27 - £5,053.56 (exc. VAT)
£7,498.11 - £6,248.43 (exc. VAT)
£10,458.10 - £8,715.08 (exc. VAT)

Filox R Product Table

CodeVessel SizeMax Flow
S10SIF132SFEC10FR10" x 54"0.9 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC13FR13" x 54"1.8 m3/hr flow
S10SIF230SFEC14FR14" x 65"2.2 m3/hr flow
S10SIF250SFEC16FR16" x 65"3.6 m3/hr flow
S10SIF250SFEC18FR18" x 65"4.5 m3/hr flow
S10SIF250SFEC21FR21" x 66"5.4 m3/hr flow
S10SIF351SFEC24FR24" x 75"7.2 m3/hr flow
S10SIF351SFEC30FR30" x 78"10 m3/hr flow
S10SIF363SFEC36FR36" x 78"14.5 m3/hr flow

Filox R

Filox R water filters are made up from Manganese Dioxide and are most effective at removing Iron, Hydrogen Sulphide and manganese. Filox R filters are reported to vastly outperform other manganese removal medias due to the fact that it is made up from 80% manganese dioxide making it the more favourable option. Filox R is capable of removing the following contaminants without any further chemical interventions.

Manganese – 3.0ppm

Iron – 15.0ppm

Hydrogen Sulphide – 7.0ppm

If higher levels of removal are required, Filox R can be paired with additional treatments such as an oxidising agent, chemical regeneration or tannin removal.

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