Activated Carbon Product Table

CodeVessel SizeMax Flow
S10SIF132SFEC10AC10" x 54"0.6 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC13AC13" x 54"0.7 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC14AC14" x 65"1.0 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC16AC16" x 65"1.4 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC18AC18" x 65"1.9 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC21AC21" x 60"2.2 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC24AC24" x 69"3.2 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC30AC30" x 72"4.5 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC36AC36" x 78"6.5 m3/hr flow
S10SIF132SFEC42AC42" x 78"10.0 m3/hr flow

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon is ideal Water Filter for the removal of colour taste and odour. This black powdery substance is also ideal for the removal of Chlorine, Ozone, Organics and metals. Activated carbon is also highly effective at removing a vast range of chemicals. These types of filters are commonly used before Reverse Osmosis systems due to the fact that mains water is dosed with chlorine which is particularly destructive to RO membranes.

These filters are also commonly used within food production for the removal of colour taste and odour as well as any chemicals or contaminants within the water that could have an effect on the food.

Activated carbon comes from a number of different origins. These are bone, coconut shell, wood, peat and petroleum based residue. These substances are put through an activation process which involves applying steam. This process leaves the carbon with a much higher internal surface area accessible to vapour and liquid making it ideal for Adsorption to take place.

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