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Water Softeners – Salt Free Systems

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Salt free water softener


Salt Free water conditioning in the form of an Anti-Scale System uses a process method called Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) this process is where hardness minerals found within hard water is transformed into harmless, inactive microscopic crystal particles as water travels through the media. The crystal particles stay suspended within the water and are then passed to drain.

Anti-Scale Systems require very little maintenance, no electricity, no backwashing and no salt. Anti Scale systems are able to treat hot or cold water supplies and provide protection from the negative effects of hard water.


Salt Free Systems Information

Independent scientific testing of Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC), the technology used in Anti Scale Water Treatment Systems has confirmed this technology provides scale reduction of over 95+%.

Scale inhibitors use Electrolytic or Magnetic technology in order to prevent the build up of limescale within hard water by inducing negative ions within the incoming water feed and therefore repelling, preventing the build up of limescale.