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Reverse Osmosis – Model S 500

Reverse Osmosis Combi Duplex Series 100 - 500

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Reverse Osmosis – Model Simplex 500

Combi Simplex Series 50 – 500 l/h Compact RO System with Single Water Softener.

Stand-type unit for desalination of softened drinking water according to German drinking water regulations (free chlorine not detectable), operating on the principle of reverse osmosis. These units include the water pre-treatment components.

Stainless steel base frame with plastic front panel housing the instruments and controls. Prefilter with 100 μm-filter cartridge and 2 pressure gauges, pipe separator (EA1) according to DIN 1988 part 4, softener, compact design, hardness monitoring unit limitron for continuously monitoring of feed water hardness.

Combi S500 Technical Data
Permeate flow ratel/h500
Min. salt rejection%97
Operating pressurebar10
Membrane element / number4040 / 2
VoltageV/Hz230 / 50
Motor powerkW0.55
Feedwater connectionDN20
Permeate / concentrate connectionDN10/50
Conductivity rangeμS/cm1 – 99
Min. / max. feed water pressurebar3 / 6
Min. / max. feed water temp °C5 / 35
Max. ambient temperature°C40
pH3 – 11
Capacity of softener°dH x m3120
mol x m321.4
Salt stockkg60
Weight approxca. kg157
Code noS1-420121