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Hydranautics Reverse Osmosis Membranes – SAN RO Range


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SanRO, SanRO HS, and SanRO HS2 Sanitary elements designed to meet the stringent water quality requirements used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes.

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ConfigurationSanitary (full-fit) spiral wound
Membrane PolymerComposite Polyamide
Maximum Applied Pressure, psig (MPa)600 (4.14)
Maximum Chlorine Concentration, PPM< 0.1
Maximum Operating Temperature ºF (ºC)113 (45)
Sanitising temperature / Pressure Max ºF/psig (ºC/MPa)185/25 (85/0.17)
Operating pH Range3.0-10.0
Cleaning pH Range2.0-11.0
Maximum Pressure drop for a vessel, psig (MPa)60 (0.41)