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Rainwater Harvesting – Downpipe Filters  – Rain Collector

Rainwater Harvesting Filter - Rain CollectorThe Rain Collector separates debris from harvested rainwater with its intelligently designed coarse filter slats.

The Rain Collector with Tap is supplied with an in-built tap to control or stop the flow of diverted water, and the Rain Collector Universal is supplied with a Universal Connector Kit. The Kit includes a back nut, rubber washer, connection hose, and stainless steel hose clips.

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Rain Collector – Technical Data

ProductColourProduct CodeKitRoof Size CompatibilityRound Downpipe Size CompatibilitySquare Downpipe Size Compatibility
Rain CollectorBrown2000130N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000140N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Rain Collector with TapBrown2000110N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000120N/A50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Rain Collector UniversalBrown2000130UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000140UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Rain Collector Universal with TapBrown2000110UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm
Grey2000120UUniversal Kit50 m268 – 110 mm65 mm