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Rainwater Harvesting – Downpipe Filters  – Collector Universal

Rainwater Harvesting Filter - Filter Collector UniversalThe class-leading 3P Filter Collector and 3P Filter Collector Universal filter and then divert harvested rainwater to maintain the highest quality tank water. Suitable for use with tanks of all sizes, the Filter Collector range will filter and divert water. It is the professional solution, used to fill small domestic water butts right up to industrial sized tanks of 10,000 litres or more. The stainless steel filter mesh is easily cleaned in-situ. Highly efficient.

The Filter Collector Universal includes the standard Filter Collector as well as a Universal Fixing Kit. The Kit includes a 30 cm flexible pipe, a hose tail, back nut, rubber sealing washer, and a flat bit for cutting the necessary entry point in the tank wall.

The Filter Collector Universal is compatible with any 3P or other tank of up to 7 mm wall thickness with a lid or other access point which allows one to reach into the tank to tighten the back nut to the hose tail.

This provides a water-tight seal which allows the filter to act as the overflow point.

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Filter Collector Universal – Technical Data

ColourProduct CodeKitRoof Size CompatibilityRound Downpipe Size CompatibilitySquare Downpipe Size CompatibilityOutlet Diameters
Brown2000810UUniversal Fixing Kit90 m268 – 110 mm65 – 75 mm32 & 50 mm
Grey2000820UUniversal Fixing Kit90 m268 – 110 mm65 – 75 mm32 & 50 mm
Black2000840UUniversal Fixing Kit90 m268 – 110 mm65 – 75 mm32 & 50 mm
White2000850U Universal Fixing Kit90 m268 – 110 mm65 – 75 mm32 & 50 mm