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HC 897 Series

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AWS Dosing Pumps – HC 897 Series


  • Heavy Duty Constant Flow Solenoid Driven Dosing Pump
  • PTFE diaphragm and ball check valves
  • StroHC897 Bke frequency control 0 ~ 100%
  • Constant / On-Off dosing mode
  • Analogue Controls
  • Single LED display status
  • Dual frequency range: 0 ~100% – 0 ~20%
  • On-Off power switch
  • Air Bleed valve for priming
  • Low-Level control facility
  • Supplied with horizontal and vertical mount brackets
  • Reinforced PPE housing
  • Supplied with complete accessory Kit (ref. list)
  • Power Supply: 230V±10% – 50/60hz
  • IP 65 protection

HC897 is a constant flow rate solenoid driven dosing pump, is supplied standard with PTFE diaphragm, PTFE balls and Viton seals and the pump operate at 150 pulses/minutes.

Designed for either continuous or intermittent operation, they are a reliable means of conveying strong chemicals under precise control into water treatment and process systems. This pump work with a stroke frequency control 0 – 100% and the standard power supply is 230vAC and 110vAC 50/60 Hz.

Constant mode: The pump flow rate is adjusted via a strokes frequency knob. The pump will constantly perform the dosing operation according to the flow rate selected by the selected frequency.

Double scale adjustment: for accurate control of flow, a pump pulses reduction selector from 0-100% to 0-20%

Product CodeDescriptionPrice
HC897 02230V PVDF-PTFE-VT on/off£224.00Buy Now
HC897 07230V PVDF-PTFE-VT on/off£224.00Buy Now
HC897 03230V PVDF-PTFE-VT on/off£253.55Buy Now
HC897 10230V PVDF-PTFE-VT on/off£253.55Buy Now
HC997 02PI-mA 230V PVDF-PTFE-VT Multifunctional£376.52Buy Now
HC997 07PI-mA 230V PVDF-PTFE-VT Multifunctional£376.52Buy Now
HC997 03PI-mA 230V PVDF-PTFE-VT Multifunctional£395.58Buy Now
HC997 10(PI/mA) 230V PVDF-PTFE-VT Multifunctional£395.58Buy Now