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Dosing Pump Panel


Complete Pool Panel with proportional control of PH A Pool Dosing Paneland redox (ORP) comprises

  •  AQUAPOOL PH/RX dosing pump system PVDF-PTFE-VT
  • Modular probe holder ( code ADCG6F) with pre-filter, water check valve and flow sensor
  • pH and Redox (ORP) electrodes
  • Buffer solutions
  • 2 Low level switches

Key Features

Twin Solenoid dosing pump with built pH and redox analysers for proportional dosing of Acid and Alkaline products for pH correction and chlorine.

  • Pump supplied complete with insertion pipe work, adaptors and BNC connectors
  • pH measuring range: from 5.0 to 9.0 pH
  • Free chlorine measuring range: from 0 to 999 mV
  • Multifunction display and Digital controls
  • Additional Relay for alarm repetition or for connection to salt chlorinator with independent Set Point (MAX 230V 5AMP.)
  • Reinforced PBT housing
  • Buzzer alarm, password protection
  • Connection for 2 low level switches, flow sensor and temperature probe. R485
  • Wall mounting
  • PVDF Pump Head, PTFE Double Ball Valves, PVDF Foot Filter and Injection valve
  • 2 Different menus for user and installer
  • Simple, silent and compact

Model AQUA POOL pH/RX model is pH and redox(orp) analyser and solenoid driven dosing pump all combined in one enclosure. The pump is provided with pH and redox electrodes, in-line electrode holders, buffer solutions.
AQUA POOL pH/Rx is a proportional solenoid driven dosing pump, is supplied standard with PTFE diaphragm, PTFE balls and Viton seals and the pump operate at 150 strokes/minute.

User-friendly controls and display allow simple programming whilst solenoid pump flow rates operate proportionally according to the pH and redox meter signals.