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Controllers and Instruments

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Cooling Tower Controller T101/100

  • Cooling Tower ControllersInput Pulse or Internal Timer Control
  • May be connected to a contacting head water meter for proportional dosing
  • Proportional Dosing (100 version)
  • Proportional Bleed and Dosing (101 version)
  • 2 Versions
  • Model 100 – Proportional / timed dosing
  • Model 101 – Proportional / timed bleed and dose
  • Or can be configured for regular timed dosing
  • (Optional) Can be supplied complete with mounted peristaltic pump

Our tried and tested controller.

Accepts a programmable number of pulses from a water meter and then operate a relay timer for a programmable period.

The relay can be used to operate a solenoid valve to control dosing via brominator or by the addition of a pump (peristaltic or solenoid) will dose a volume of inhibitor or biocide as required.

T100Timer controlled dosing with water meter input£227.81Buy Now
T100PAs above with mounted peristaltic pump£231.38Buy Now
T101T101 bleed and feed timer£307.70Buy Now
T101PAs above with mounted peristaltic pump£391.00Buy Now