CAT 5 Expansion Tank

CAT 5 Expansion TankEach CAT 5  Expansion Tank comes complete with the correct fitting kit package including :


  • Snap on Polylid
  • Ball Valve and Back Plate
  • Screened Wanning Pipe Elbow
  • 1/2″ BS1212 part2 Ball Valve and 4 1/2″ Float
  • 15mm Compression Tank Connector
  • Sealing Washer, Insulation and Ties


CodeDimensions (L x D x H)Price
S52-FC2 203-BT650 x 575 x 845£1490.00Buy Now
S52-FC2-204-BT650 x 575 x 845£1495.00Buy Now
S52-FC2-205-BT650 x 575 x 845£1505.00Buy Now
S52-FC2-206-BT700 x 575 x 845£1575.00Buy Now
S52-FC2-403-BT650 x 575 x 845£1505.00Buy Now
S52-FC2-404-BT650 x 575 x 845£1543.00Buy Now
S52-FC2-405-BT650 x 575 x 845£1576.00Buy Now

Type AB Air Gap

The Type AB 30 Air Gap is designed to be used in conjunction with any of our CAT 5 Break Tanks and comes comple with an extended ball valve arm, fixing screws, insulation and seal.


S55-XPA30375 x 245 x 230£130.00Buy Now