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Waste Coolant Treatment

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Waste Coolant Treatment

Waste Coolant Treatment

As water becomes an ever precious commodity the need to recycle waste water becomes greater and greater.

Our solution is to recover and reuse waste water on site through the use of our Mini and Max 30 systems, therefore removing the need for costly off-site waste disposal. The Mini has the ability to process and clean upto 15 litres of wastewater per hour, while the Max 30 can process upto 50 litres.


  • Removal of oils from wash & rinse solutions
  • Compact system design
  • Maintains process quality
  • Continuous recovery and re use
  • Virtually eliminates waste disposal
  • Maintains production levels
  • Automated control
  • No filters or chemicals required


Cost Savings

Waste currently costs the UK industry in excess of £15 billion per year. The use of water recycling has the ability to dramatically reduce these costs.

Off site disposal of waste coolant would typically cost on average £100 p/w, equating to £4,800 p/a. To process the same volume of water though our water recycling unit would typically cost £960 p/a

Wash Water Recycling unit specifications

We currently offer 2 standard Wash Water Systems, the Mini which produces 10-15 litres of clean water per hour, and the Max 30 which produces between 30-50 litres of clean water per hour.


 MiniMax 30
Clean Water Output10-15 l/h30-50 l/h
System Size w x l x h (mm)450 x 1050 x 12651150 x 1300 x 1670
Power Supply380/415 3 phase380/415 3 phase
Electrical Rating6 kw12 kw
ServicesSingle or 3 phase electricity and compressed air