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Wash Water Recycling


Wash Water RecyclingWash Water Recycling can be added to any Wash System with the purpose of reducing machine down time, maintaining performance, keeping effluent disposal to a minimum and most importantly saving money.

Wash Water Recycling operates by recovering dirty water created by parts cleaning systems. The system draws dirty water from the wash tank and utilises the latent heat to evaporate and recover the water, leaving the concentrated contamination behind. The clean water free from contamination and residue is then returned to the tank for reuse. The contaminated waste represents typically less than 5% of the total water volume.


  • Removal of oils from wash & rinse solutions
  • Compact system design
  • Maintains process quality
  • Continuous recovery and re use
  • Virtually eliminates waste disposal
  • Maintains production levels
  • Automated control
  • No filters or chemicals required


Cost Savings


Estimated cost savings based on a wash system disposing of a 500 litre tank weekly


Wash System Without Wash Water Recycling
Water consumption500 litres of water£0.50
Electrical consumptionTo heat water to 70°C from cold refill£2.00
Labour cost30 minutes tank drain£87.50
30 minutes vacuum and clean
30 minutes water refill
2 hours heat up to 70°C from cold
3.5 hours @ £25/hour direct labour plus overheads
Chemical refill cost500 litres @ 3% wash chemical concentration
= 15 litres @ £2.00/litre
Effluent discharge cost500 litres of waste water containing detergent, oil, suspended metal particles and dissolved metals, assuming no consent for drainage to foul sewer.£50.00
Total cost of cleaning and refilling (per week)£140.00
Annual cost (42 weeks per year)£5,880


Wash System With Wash Water Recycling
Electrical consumptionRecycling rate of 10 - 15 litres per hour 40 hours x 6 kw/hr x £ 0.05/kw (per week)£12.00
Annual cost42 working weeks per year£504.00
Toal Cost Saving £5,376 Per Year


The above illustration is for guidance purposes only.


Wash Water Recycling unit specifications


We currently offer 2 standard Wash Water Systems, the Mini which produces 10-15 litres of clean water per hour, and the Max 30 which produces between 30-50 litres of clean water per hour


MiniMax 30
Clean Water Output10-15 l/h30-50 l/h
System Size w x l x h (mm)450 x 1050 x 12651150 x 1300 x 1670
Power Supply380/415 3 phase380/415 3 phase
Electrical Rating6 kw12 kw
ServicesSingle or 3 phase electricity and compressed air